this is my poetry. I hope it is not terrible.


Anonymous asked
is your poetry published/ printed anywhere besides here be cause it is amazing, and i love reading it

Oh my goodness. Thank you for the compliment, and you are too kind. My poetry, is not published or printed anywhere. It is simply here on my blog. :) <3

maybe it’s the way
you made me feel something
for the first time in
your smile was my oxygen
and i was yesterday’s problem
something to help you clean up
the past
and start fresh.
to me
you were as permanent as a tattoo
etched on my heart.
it wasn’t until you left
that i felt the needles that
put it there in the first place.
needles of lust, not love.
to you, i was just temporary.

So this blog will become my poetry blog. I hope you find some of my poetry enjoyable. thank you.